Earth Day 2011
A Beautiful Connection


Spring is a time of renewed life and hope.
It is no coincidence that Earth
Day falls upon this very special time of the year. 

The theme of this event "A Beautiful Connection" aims to reconnect people to the land
through inspiring them using a variety of art, music and cultural performances by artists.
It will also include workshops and activities for families that promote learning about
adaptability and resilience to climate change in our fast, ever-changing world.

Earth Day is Celebrated..
  • To share our space and bring people to come be a part of Bottle Tree Park.
  • To sow the seeds for a love and responsibility in children and families towards
    mother nature through engaging connections and inspiring experiences through the
    activities, which they could further integrate holistically as part of their lives.

The Amazing, Beautiful and Crazy Earth Day Team
 Lai Hock ‘Our Kampung Chief’

Making the Event Tick:
Chew Lim 'The Young Man'
Chia Chia ‘the Architect’
Xu Hong ‘Checker’
Kian Seng ‘Pao Ka Liao’

Bringing the Artist together:
Belle Ling ‘The Dreamy Alchemist’
Chris Jensen ‘my Singlish is Awesome’

Graphic Design
Mei ‘Wonder’ Woman
Jyren ‘Robin’ Hood

Stage Design
Jeremy  Chu ‘Coconut Concoction’

Nat Cheong ‘stuck to the WEB’
Willy ‘Man behind the Face
(book) Goh

Volunteers Liaison
Aun Aun  ‘Cares’
Mayrine ‘also cares!’

Event Support
Joanne Chia ‘Twin1’
Hui Ting ‘Twin2’

Vendor Support
Yin Xiao ‘Char Bo’
Yu Wei 'Yes I Can!'

Essential for your Life
Feeding the team – Lily, Derrick, Peace
Behind the Scene but critical – Aaron, Lee Jeng, Mr Lim

The Art Team
The Art Ladies – Seck, Kim, Staycie, Yang Xing, Meng Ying, Wen Ee
The Men behind the Art Ladies – Alek, Khin Boon, Terence, Ming Chan

 GUI Vision
Connecting People...Connecting Earth...
Healing the Land and the Human Spirit.